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The most recent/updated bid values will reflect only when the information on bid values is refreshed,
                               Upon exhausting the respective bidding limit any further bid will be restricted at AstaGuru’s behest.
                    Online bidding access, access to bid through AstaGuru’s MobileApp and telephone bidding facility,
                                                                               After the values on the page have been refreshed, any further progress with regards to the bid will
                                                            The bid history, current bid and countdown clock shall be accurate at the time of downloading /
                                                                  However, such information shall not reflect during the data transmission/processing period as to
                                                                    when the information is being relayed from the bidder’s computer to our server and vice versa.
                                                                         icon on the
                                                By clicking on 'My Bid Summary', which is your personalized bid page, you may choose how
                                      All bids will have an increment of 10% of the current valid bid. Above Rs. 1,00,00,000/- or
                                                         Bid history indicates the value recorded for each lot since the start of the auction.
                                                                                 reflect on the bid history page only once the bidder refreshes the page again.
                            Bidders/Participants shall be informed of their bidding limits if applicable.
                                                  frequently you would like to be notified of a change on your bid status.
                                                                         which shall happen either automatically, or when a bidder clicks on the
                         We may set limits on the number of bid that may be made by a bidder.
                                                                                       Bid History will not be displayed once the auction has closed.
                                                                                    The page may also Refresh automatically on the website.
           BUYING AT
                                         equivalent US$ bid increment will be at 5%.
                      shall be given at our discretion.
                                             Personalized Bid Notifications
                                                                            Website/Mobile App page.
                                                               refreshing the page.
                 Modes of Bidding
                                    Bid Increments
                                                      Bid History
                                                                                          for  Bid Extension Bidding terminates for the specified Lot groups in accordance with the bid closing schedule.  • However, if a bid has been placed by a participant and is duly received by AstaGuru 3 minutes prior to the closing time slot of the Lot, there shall be an extension of 3 minutes allotted/extended in case  of that specific lot. The closing time for such Lot will hereby get extended by 3 minutes from the time that the last bid  •  was made. Under such circumstance of closing extension, bidding on the Lot shall
                                                                                          give                                      to confirm your
                                                                                          to information                            “Bid Now”
           ASTAGURU                                           If you have registered before, you will still need to pre-register and accept the terms and conditions  Once the required verification process  has been approved, all first time bidders residing in India will  ‘Pan Card’.  & ‘Aadhar Card’ In case the pre-registration has been applied for on behalf of a corporate entity upon the completion of verification all first time corporate users will require to update the relevant ‘Articles of Incorporation’ and  satisfactory  with Once the relevant information has been verified you shall receive an email con
           BUYING AT  Estimates are based on an average market value of the lot. These are provided only as a guide for buyers. Buyers should not rely on estimates as a prediction of actual price. Estimates do not include Auction House Margin. The Reserve price is the minimum price at which the lot shall be sold. These lots have a confidential Reserve price. There will be a 15% Margin calculated on the hammer price at the close of the auction. For all lots taxes are payable on the final price which includes the Auction House Margin at the applicable rate, included in the invoice.  Prospective buyers should be

                 Estimates  •  •  •  •  Reserves  •  •  Auction House Margin  •  •  Bidding Pre–Registration and Verification  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  ‘Memorandum of Association’.  AstaGuru  case  In  •  •  •  •  Absentee Bids  •  •  Opening Bid  •  •  Bidding Online  •  bid at the value listed.  •  •  •
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