Page 15 - EXCEPTIONAL TIMEPIECES , 24-25 September, 2019
P. 15

crafted  fold  gold  finely  a

                                      Gold  ruby,  by

                                      bezel.  and  conjoined                                                                                  Front view with dial case open

                                      gold  diamond

                                      18k    Bracelet
                                      and  with                      3,623
                                      dial  gold hands for hour and minute, applied gold miniature circular and index batons  set  shield  bracelet.  gold  – Provenance : Property of an important watch collector based in Mumbai.
                                   DIAMOND & RUBY REF NO. 30055  champagne  with  case  dial  Gold  hour.  the  vine  unique  two crafted gold chain. Dial signed.  Gross weight : 70.000 gms Net weight : 65.750 gms Carat weight : 0.60 cts (diamonds : 28 pcs) Carat weight : 1.75 cts approx. (rubies : 7 pcs)  Case dimension : 16 x 12 mm  2,50,000 | US$ 2,899  – Illustrated are two views of the current lot.

                         Lot No. 6  ROLEX  gold  18k  indicate  to  with  clasp  Circa : 1930  Rs. 2,00,000

                                                                                                        Front view

                                                                                                    STEEL  screw-  for  hands  index  buckle.

                                                                                                    RESISTING  with  case  crafted  applied  baton  pin  with  1,449  –

                                                                                                    SHOCK  steel  1215,  steel  back,  with  dial  strap  leather Dial signed, crown and pin buckle branded with logo.

                                                                                                    ROYAL  CASE NO. 6426  -  cal  case  black  Black  Case dimension : diameter 32 mm  1,00,000 | US$ 1,159 Provenance : Property from the estate of an important watch collector based in Chennai.

                                                                                                    OYSTER  ROLEX  WRISTWATCH  winding,  Manual  and  crown  down  minute,  and  hour  indicators.  hour  Circa : 1970  – Rs. 80,000

                                                                                             Lot No. 5
                  Rolex                                                                                   jewels.  26  applied  center  hands,  signed,  Dial  2nd  the  of  by honoured  theme aviation

                                                                                                    AN 18K GOLD OYSTER PERPETUAL AIR-KING WRISTWATCH
                                                                                                      REF NO. 6548 YEAR IV, SERIAL NO. 230613, CASE NO. 5520

                                                                                                          no.  1520,  crafted  buckle.  pin  end  the  to  were  pilots  or  series
                                                                                                          serial  gold  gold  back  RAF  a  1,304  –

                                                                                                          movement Champagne dial and gold bezel, screw down case-back,  hour, indicating  with  strap  dating  history  victorious  with  Wildorf  90,000 | US$ 1,014 Provenance : Property from the estate of an important watch

                                                                                                          movement,  batons  leather  Brown crown and pin buckle branded with logo.  a  have  Kings  the  when  Hans watches, one of which was the Air King.  Case dimension : diameter 34 mm  –  collector based in Chennai.

                                                                                             Lot No. 4  ROLEX  Automatic  index  gold  seconds.  Air  Rolex  World-War  founder  Rolex  Circa : 1960  Rs. 70,000
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