S. G. Vasudev

She, Mountains & Man

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Oil on canvas
48 x 48 in.
Rs. 350,000 - 450,000

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Being highly influenced by D.R. Bendre’s poem, Kalpa Vriksha Vrindavana, S.G. Vasudev was an important part of the vibrant artistic community of Cholamandal. "In the 80s I developed my own "Tree of Life." To me it symbolizes sexuality, fertility, procreation, as well as our links with our past, its myths and legends, the branches spreading out into the future," says Vasudev. It was in every sense a fertile period. Vasudev’s artistic vision has culminated mostly from the ‘Vriksha.’ There has always been a south Indian emphasis in all his paintings and sketches. He is an artist who is very concerned about the environment and its abuse by mankind. He says that he never used colours consciously. According to him it is the painting itself that dictates what colour is to be used according to the mood and texture that wants to convey at that point in time.