Bharti Kher


Lot No
Bindis on painted board
72 x 60 x 3 in.
Rs. 60,00,000 - 80,00,000

Winning Bid

₹ 1,00,01,267

(Inclusive 15% margin)

additional information

Signed & Dated : Verso

Provenance : Property from an important collection based in Mumbai.

Artwork Size

Height of the figure - 6ft

about artist

Bharti Kher is one of the most prominent contemporary artists in India whose oeuvre ranges from painting, sculpture to installation. Born in London in 1969 to an Indian immigrant family, Bharti Kher studied a Foundation Course in Art and Design at Middlesex Polytechnic London, and received a fine art BA in painting, with honors at Newcastle Polytechnic, United Kingdom.

Her work explores the inter-locking relationship between humans, animals, places and objects while deconstructing the notion of self. She works in an exploratory style, surveying, looking and collecting objects and transforming them into art. Her work, which is loaded with symbolism, serves as an attempt at initiating a dialogue between the metaphysical and material pursuits of life through the eyes of the viewer. It offers a sense of magic realism through its portrayal of daily life and rituals and tries to build a relationship with the viewer.

In her three-decade long career, Bharti Kher has worked with a wide range of materials—from fibreglass, fabric, resin, metal and mirrors. However, she is most renowned for her signature use of the ‘bindi’ in her works. It first started appearing in her work in 1995 and since then, has become a leitmotif of her work and style. Traditionally a symbol of femininity, strength and spirituality, the bindi has undergone a subliminal transformation through her art and is used as a material to articulate her thoughts and narratives on the canvas.

She is also well-known for her sculptures which dazzle and resemble strange chimerical beasts.

Bharti Kher is a legendary artist, whose wildly inventive art defies singular interpretation. She won Cultural Icon of the Year at Vogue Women of The Year 2021. Her works are a part of several prestigious collections which include the Tate, London, The British Museum and others. She has exhibited widely around the world and enjoyed solo shows at art galleries in New Delhi, Mumbai, London, Parish, New York, , Tokyo, among other cities.