Phaneendra Nath Chaturvedi

The Magical Bullets-I

Lot No
Pencil and crayon on archival paper
45 x 44 (Work in 6 units, each unit size is 15 x 22 In) in.
Rs. 2,50,000 - 3,50,000

Winning Bid

₹ 3,06,130

(Inclusive 15% margin)

additional information

Signed & Dated : Bottom Left

Provenance : From an important Hyderabad based collection, artwork was acquired by the present owner directly from the artist.

Artwork Size

Height of the figure - 6ft

about artist

Born in Varanasi in 1981, the young artist Phaneendra Nath Chaturvedi deciphers the code of anthropomorphism through his canvas. Interpreting the various possibilities and versions of these demi Gods or alien beings through art, instinctively unmasking either their divine or demonic traits. Notwithstanding any form of compromise the artist goes the extra mile to ensure that his objectifying of the human existence in this augmented world is left undone. He has self-accepted the fact that his artistic nature is stark, gory and most importantly brutally honest. His painting titled “The Anthropoid Girl With Cardinals” one of his recent works from the year 2015 sprawls over four panels. The delicacy of the work is credited to its medium which is pencil and color pencil. Chaturvedi creates this artwork to function even if placed in a state of dismantle, the artist’s tedious urge to establish perfect symmetry makes this possible. One of the four panels showcase the birds in scenic flight. His artistic vision is expanded which enables him to create art which makes sense in totality and when broken down as well .His penchant is to create artwork on multiple panels while versatility is professed through the birds although the subject is the same the various perspective of it in flight drives home the point.

Chaturvedi received his BFA and MFA in painting from the College of Arts and Crafts at the University of Lucknow’s Faculty of Fine Arts, and secured a first position in order of merit at both levels. He was later honored by his alma mater with the Vishisth Pratibha Samman in 2005. The artist has also received the All India Fine Art and Craft Society Award in 2004 and the All India Award from the Ministry of Culture of the Government of India in 2006. Chaturvedi’s works have been featured in exhibitions in Indian including the 20th All India Art Exhibition in Nagpur, where his paintings won accolades. The National Exhibition of Art at the National Academy of Art in Mumbai, the Inter-State Exhibition in Shimla, the Annual All India Art Exhibition, at AIFACS in New Delhi and the 10th Harmony Show in Mumbai among others. Three of his mixed media works on paper have also been shown at ‘Hybrid Trend’, a contemporary Asian art exhibitions held at Hangaram Art Museum and organized by the Seoul Art Center in South Korea.