Pradosh Swain

After Black Cloud

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Acrylic on canvas
40 x 60 in.
Rs. 125,000 - 150,000

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Pradosh Swain is an eminent and stylish contemporary artist in the Contemporary art field. He was born in Orissa in 1972. Pradosh Swain received a diploma in photography from the College of Education and Technology in 1989 and completed his Bachelors in Fine Arts from Utkal University, Odisha in 1994. He has also received a senior fellowship from HRD, New Delhi.

Swain’s work generally portrays his concerns of the world we live in, drawing attention to the issues relevant to our life in today’s time. His works are generally executed in a vibrant and expressive palette that oozes romance and magic. Nature is a recurrent theme of his works along with frequent imagery from his childhood.

Swain’s images have a surrealistic quality. His work emphasizes on the power of imagination and depicts how our fast paced lives have made us lose touch with our inner self. He renders his images with a dreamy and mystical quality that are a culmination of feelings between imagination and reality.

His art works have been academically awarded garnered critical acclaim at National and International levels and has received many precious awards in the field of contemporary art during his artistic tenure.

He currently lives and works in New Delhi.