Deep Jyoti Kalita

Leg of a Freedom Fighter (Set of 4)

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Painted fibreglass and x-ray films
25 x 14 x 7 in.
Rs. 50,000 - 75,000

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Deepjyoti Kalita was born in 1983 in Assam. He graduated in the year 2008 from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda. He pursued his Master’s in Sculpture from the same university and graduated in 2010. He had his debut solo exhibition titled ‘Amour Fou’ at Latitude 28 in 2014. Right from his first exhibition, he caught everyone’s attention. The show dealt with modern day relationships and expression of love in contemporary times. The exhibition left a haunting effect on the viewers who were suddenly made to face the harsh reality of their time. Other themes that inspire Deepjyoti are the constant cultural and visual diversity he witnesses because of his shift from Assam to Baroda. He is greatly concerned with this capitalist world that we live in that has caused us to increasingly grow numb to the suffering of others. His occupation with such grave manners is felt in his work and they increasingly serve as a mirror to the society. He was also part of a major group exhibition titled ‘Collective Metamorphosis’ held at Nature Morte in the year 2011.
He has already been the recipient of many awards like the Jayram Patel award in 2007 and the Emerging Artist Award by Sarjan Art Gallery in 2010. He was also honoured with the Shanku Chaudhary Award for the year 2005 - 06 and Mahendra Pandya Award for the year 2006 - 07. The artist currently lives and works in Baroda.