Walter Langhammer

Walter Langhammer was born in Austria in the year 1905. He escaped his native country to save himself from Nazi persecution before WW II and would go on to become an integral part of the art movement that took place in India post – independence. Before his migration to India he was a student of renowned artist Oskar Kokoschka at the Viennese Academy.

His tryst with India surpasses the mere artist and nation connection since he was responsible for supporting young artists of that time such as SH Raza, MF Husain, KH Ara & FN Souza to name a few. He also was a common link between these artists and the influx of Jews in India. His artistic style was influenced by his teacher Oskar Kokoschka’s ethics of representing the depicted landscape in pure and fluent palette. He etched the essence of India’s blazing topography with a new found vigour of light and shadow. The artist’s work are in the collection of several national and international collections such as the National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi & Tata Steel Corporate collection to name a few.

The artist passed away in the year 1977.;