Waseem Ahmed

Waseem Ahmed was born in 1976 in Hyderabad, Pakistan, he studied at the National College of Arts in Lahore from where he competed his Bachelor’s in Fine Arts (Miniature Paintings) in 2000.

Waseem Ahmed’s work is based on current social and political issues and incidents in his context where religion is the basis of every conflict. He depicts these harsh realities using images from the past and the miniature tradition to show how only names have changed and stories of war and conflict remain the same. His inspiration mostly comes from people he interacts with in the walks of everyday life such as shopkeepers, milkmen, electricians, and the imam of the mosque near his house where he prays and their views regarding society and politics. The artist observes how these people change with changing (social, religious and political) times and creates a common ground between their opinions and the ideas of intellectuals.
The artist lives & works in Lahore, Pakistan.;

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