S. P. Hidayat

Born in 1969 in Indramayu, S.P Hidayat is one of Indonesia’s most revered artist. He is renowned for his penchant to transform mere moments of life into something that is inspirationing. His imagery gets formed with a blended of impressionistic and expressionist style. In this painting he etches the bond a mother and child share and elucidates the mother’s strength in tow with her fragility, the infant is nestled in safety. The painting is evocative and Hidayat’s variation of broad and fine brushstrokes imbibes vigour and contour to the figures.

Today, as a witness to his artistic merit, Hidayat’s works are actively collected by Indonesians, as well as the Japanese, Americans, Singaporeans, Australians, Indians, Germans, French, and recently the Chinese. S. P. Hidayat majored in Fine Arts at Indonesia Art Institute, Yogyakarta, he was awarded for the best oil painting award by the Faculty of Fine Art and Design ISI Yogyakarta in 1986. Since then, he has held more than 20 exhibitions consistently. This includes a major solo exhibition which took place at the National Museum of Jakarta in 2005 and he also launched his first publication, ‘The best collection of S.P.Hidayat’.;

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