Krijono was born in 1951 into an artist family in Jakarta, Indonesia. His father was an art collector who owned Harris Art Gallery, Krijono grew up within an artistic family. He pursued his formal training in art at the Art Academy of Yogyakarta and experimented with different mediums including batik, oil and acrylics. Krijono fused traditional paintings and Kimono paintings as a batik combination whilst training in Tokyo. His art works are bright coloured and expressive, to illustrate the exuberance of life.

Krijono’s works have been exhibited extensively around the world at locations such as Italy and Paris. Krijono moved to Ubud in Bali, where his style underwent a transformation to reflect a strong modern expression that reflects the vitality of Balinese landscape. After holding a number of batik exhibitions in Europe, he returned home to Jakarta and for a time dropped out of the art world. He returned in 1982 with his first solo exhibition featuring works depicting women. Krijono differentiated himself with his signature brightly-coloured expressions and flamboyant works.;

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