Maite Delteil

Maite Delteil was born in 1933 in Fumel, France. She studied art at the Ecole Des Beaux-Arts, Academie de la Grand Chaumiere and the Académie Julian from 1953 to 1959.

Often described as ‘’idyllscapes’’, her paintings act like musings, capturing the sublime beauty of everyday life. The memories and experiences that shaped her life, found an expression in her paintings. They represented her feelings and emotions and formed the essence of her works.

Inspite of their vibrant nature, many of her paintings express melancholy and longing that she felt at the time of its creation. In some ways, they represent loneliness but also co-exist with a sense of power and freedom. She uses art not only as a means of expression, but also as a reflection of her own life as an artist, a woman and a human being.

Her early landscapes and still-life paintings are inspired from her childhood spent along the French countryside while her nudes are a depiction of her femininity. She has also been influenced by Indian miniatures along with its rich culture and developed a varied style over time.

She was awarded the Prix De la Casa Velasquez in 1959 and a fellowship from the Government and Institut de France to study in Spain and Greece. Her works have been exhibited widely in the U.S, India, France and other European countries and are a part of many private and public collections.

She is married to Indian painter Sakti Burman and spends her time between India and France.


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