Pradeep Mishra

Contemporary artist Pradeep Mishra was born in 1977 in Tumsar, Maharashtra. He completed his Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in Painting from the J.J School of Art, Mumbai. In 2004 he finished his Master’s in Fine Arts from the same institute. The year he graduated, he was selected for the Residency program at Khoj, New Delhi. The natural world forms the primary subject for most of his work. Birds, beasts and plants feature in his work in an effort to portray the dire consequences of ecological imbalance. His works usually have a background of fiery, intense red. These colours serve as a medium for him to express emotions. According to the artist “The intention is to make the presence of fellow beings, which are part of our day to day lives, felt. For me, it’s not a question of who serves who, but the relationships between us all and how each of us shares our life with other fellow beings including plants and animals.” Some of the selected solo exhibitions by the artist include ‘Fertile Soil’ at Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi in 2005, ‘Fragrance of Earth’ at The Guild, Mumbai in 2007 and ‘Love to Live’ at the Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi in 2010. He has also been a part of several group exhibitions including ‘Young Contemporary India’ at Gallery Kolkata in 2008, ‘Filament: 6 years of the Peers Residency @ khoj ‘, presented by Khoj International Artists’ Association and Vadehra Art Gallery at at Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi in 2008 and ‘Vicissitudes of the Constructed Image', Tangerine Art Space, Bangalore in 2009. The artist is now based in Mumbai.;

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