Vijender Sharma

Vijender Sharma was born in Delhi in 1962. He started his career by doing book covers and paintings for serials and received his formal training in art from Delhi College of Art. He was a stellar student, a distinction holder and a gold-medalist with the potential to be a sensational artist from his very first solo exhibition.

Vijender is a spontaneous artist who works with acrylic and watercolours. He rarely prepares to create his works. His creativity flows with a mind of its own from the moment he picks up the brush. When asked about his process, he says, ‘’Art is a way to display our inner self with colours or any other way. I can feel all the colours around us and colours are the immense magic of life."

Facinated by mythical characters and sacred epics, Vijender’s photo-realistic works are especially known for their surrealist qualities. Vijender’s works are characterised by the presence of female subjects and the presence of mythological characters, embodied with a sense of power and omnipotence. There exists an expressive veil of mystery between human reality and spiritual fantasy that make his compositions fantastically expressive.

Vijender Sharma has participated in a number of solo and group with patrons such as the eminent Ambanis and Birlas. He was also invited by the honorable President Sri APJ Abdul Kalam to make his portrait. He has received numerous prestigious awards in his career and his artworks are a part of several private collections across India and abroad.

He lives and works in Delhi.


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