Arijoy Bhattacharya

Arijoy Bhattacharya was born in 1986 in Delhi. He studied painting at the College of Art, New Delhi and graduated in 2009. He went on to study further at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. He is the son of the famous painter Sanjay Bhattacharyya and was introduced to art from an early age. Ha has varied influences including post-modern philosophy and the Indian metaphysical tradition. His work contains a healthy mix of Indian folk traditions and contemporary art practice and he executes with a wide range of mediums that include watercolour, pencil and acrylic. The artist claims “When we don’t know our iconography and we have forgotten our methods, customs, how do we move ahead?” Apart from being a painter, he also dabbles with music and poetry. He won an award for outstanding achievement in the 2004 convention of International Society of Poets, Philadelphia.

He had had two shows in 2010: ‘Narrative’ at the Gasp, Boston and the ‘Holy Now’ at the Religare Art I, London. Other shows that he has been a part of are ‘Round and Round’ at Polka Art, Delhi in 2007 and ‘Rising Stars’ at the Nitanjali Art, New Delhi in 2009 to name a few. The artist lives and works in New Delhi. ;

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