K. P. Pradeep Kumar

Born in 1970, K.P Pradeepkumar hails from Calicut, Kerala. He completed his formal art education from the College of Fine Arts, Thiruvananthapuram and graduated in 1993 with a Bachelor’s in Sculpture. In 1999 he received sponsorship for young artist by the Kerala Lalit Kala Academy. That same year he had his first solo exhibition titled ‘Essential Images’ hosted by the Kashi Art Gallery, Kochi. In 2002 he was honoured with the State Award for Painting by the Kerala Lalit Kala Academy. He was recently pursuing his Masters in Fine Arts from the Transart Institute New York. In the year 2018, he participated in a group exhibition titled ‘Land Forms - A tribute to a beloved friend and Stellar Artist Rajan Krishnan’ at the OED Gallery. One of the works he exhibited during this show had rubber trees and beneath the rubber trees, he had drawn white coffee flowers. The white coffee flowers also serve as a commentary on the colonial impact left by the Britishers. His works usually do have a tinge of the underlying social and political context. This is the kind of work one can expect from Pradeepkumar.

He primarily works with oil on canvas. He usually depicts the native and rural landscape in his work. Hs constantly works with nature and his canvases are dotted with flora and fauna. He eventually left Kerala in search of a more central destination that would allow him more interaction with people of various cultural backgrounds. The artist currently lives and works in Baroda. ;

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