Sanjay Bhattacharya

Absolutely disinterested in books and loathing the mere mention of the word school, Bhattacharya was always immersed in a world of his own that gradually took him away from books to the Government College of Arts & Crafts, Kolkata from where he graduated in 1982 in fine arts. Later in the year 1988 after Sanjay completed around 16 to 18 watercolurs and some oils and auctioned 5 of them at Dhoomimal Gallery, all of them were sold out in a week’s time. The inner and outer realities evoked by architectural elements have inspired Sanjay the most. Like old, vacant houses. He says they are of great interest to him because they tend to tell him the stories of people who have lived, loved and fought there. His work mostly consists of the middle class and lower middle class families and portraits of Calcutta. Besides that he was totally engrossed in the street life of the busy metropolitan also known as the intellectual capital of India. There is the Calcutta that’s on the verge of a slow but constant decadence; there is Calcutta in the nineteenth centuries with dilapidated colossal buildings with gothic architecture and the Calcutta of the faded British grandeur. Sanjay lives and works in both Kolkata and Delhi.;