Paritosh Sen

Paritosh Sen was born in 1918 in Dhaka, now in Bangladesh. After finishing school studies, he joined the Madras Art School then headed by Devi Prosad Roy Chowdhury. K.C.S. Panicker and Prodosh Dasgupta were among his fellow-students. He later taught art at Indore’s Daly College in. In 1943, he along with his like-minded friends formed the Calcutta group. The artist left for Europe in 1949. He studied at Andre Lhote's school, Academie Grand Chaumier, Ecole des Beaux Arts and Ecole des Louvre. Having widely traveled around the world, his style of painting imbibed global influences and underwent many changes. He introduced modernism to Indian art. He was commissioned to design Bengali typography based on Rabindranath Tagore’s script by the French government. Apart from a series of his shows in India and abroad, he also penned insightful articles and essays on Indian art. One of India's best-known artists, Paritosh Sen died after a short illness in Kolkata in 2008.;