Terms & Conditions

General Terms

By participating in this auction, you acknowledge that you are bound by the Conditions for Sale listed below and on the website www.astaguru.com
  • Making a Winning Bid results in an enforceable contract of sale.
  • AstaGuru is authorized to display at AstaGuru's discretion images and description of all lots in the catalogue and on the website.
  • AstaGuru can grant record and reject any bids and/or proxy bids.
  • Bidding access shall be given on AstaGuru's discretion. AstaGuru may ask for a deposit on lots prior to giving bidding access.
  • AstaGuru may review bid histories of specific lots periodically to preserve the efficacy of the auction process.
  • AstaGuru has the right to withdraw a Property before, during or after the bidding, if it has reason to believe that the authenticity of the Property or accuracy of description is in doubt.
  • All proprieties shall be sold only if the reserve price in met. Reserve price is on each Property is confidential and shall not be disclosed. AstaGuru shall raise all invoices including its margin and related taxes.
  • The Margin shall be calculated at 15% of the hammer price, excluding related tax.
  • All foreign currency exchange rates during the Auction are made on a constant. However they are subject to change for each auction. All invoicing details shall be provided by the buyer prior to the auction.
  • All payments shall be made within 7 days from the date of the invoice.
  • In case payment is not made within the stated time period, it shall be treated as a breach of contract and AstaGuru to take any steps (including the institution of legal proceedings).
  • AstaGuru may charge a 2% late payment fine per month. If the buyer wishes to collect the property from AstaGuru, it must be collected within 30 Days from the date of the auction. The buyer shall be charged a 2% storage fee if the property is not collected.
  • AstaGuru reserves the right not to award the Winning Bid to the Bidder with the highest Bid at Closing Date if it deems it necessary to do so. In an unlikely event of any technical failure and the website is inaccessible. The lot closing time shall be extended.
  • Bids recorded prior to the technical problem shall stand valid according to the terms of sale.

Authenticity Guarantee

  • AstaGuru assures that all properties listed on the website are genuine.
  • How ever in an unlikely event if the property is proved to be inauthentic to AstaGuru's satisfaction within a period of 6 months from the collection date. AstaGuru shall pay back the full amount to the buyer. These claims will be handled on a case-by-case basis, and will require that examinable proof which clearly demonstrates that the Property is inauthentic is provided by an established and acknowledged authority. Only the actual Buyer (as registered with AstaGuru) makes the claim.
  • The property, when returned, should be in the same condition as when it was purchased.
  • In case the Buyer request for a certificate of authentication for a particular artwork, Astaguru will levy the expenditure of the same onto the Buyer.
  • AstaGuru shall charge the buyer in case any steps are to be taken for special expenses shall take place in order to prove the authenticity of the property.

Extent of AstaGuru's Liability

  • AstaGuru will refund to the buyer the amount of purchase in case the work is not authentic.
  • All damages and loss during transit are covered by the insurance policy, AstaGuru is not liable.
  • AstaGuru or any member of its team is not liable for any mistakes made in the catalogue.
  • AstaGuru is not liable for any claims in insurance.
  • AstaGuru is not liable in case the website has any technical problems.
  • If any part of the Conditions for Sale between the Buyer and AstaGuru is found by any court to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, that part may be discounted and the rest of the conditions shall be enforceable to the fullest extent permissible by law.

Law and Jurisdiction

  • The terms and conditions of this Auction are subject to the laws of India, which will apply to the construction and to the effect of the clauses. All parties are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.