Established in the year 2008 AstaGuru, India's premium online auction house caters to a global clientele by conducting auctions for 'Modern & Contemporary Indian Art' and 'Collectibles & Antiques'. With an overall art management experience spanning over three decades we have amalgamated all our industry related knowledge and have molded it to function on a digital structure.

With the world becoming one big market place we provide a safe and secure platform ensuring the ambitions of art collectors are achieved. With a well trained and highly efficient team, artworks & collectible antiques are filtered and only the best creations are part of our auctions. Art is always born with a soul and it is our prerogative to safeguard its sanctity.


Knowledge translates into wisdom when shared; therefore our doors are always open for individuals who are keen about enriching their lives through art. Our knowledge and industry experience equips us to guide you with regards to your art & collectibles related conundrums, based on your preferences and needs we help you understand which artwork will best suit your senses or which artifact will blend in with your commercial or residential space.

Our guiding force, Mr Vickram Sethi is an art connoisseur and has been associated with the world of art for over three decades. His valued insights are crucial, he not only takes into account the provenance but also has developed a keen eye to deduce and ascertain works with immense potential and seminal attributes. Art gets intertwined within the space it dwells in and with its owner; we take pride in consulting and presiding this communion of joy.


Restoration is best left to the experts, considering this service entails the longevity of the artwork. Exposure to direct sunlight or moisture is detrimental and do not facilitate a conducive environment for storage and showcasing artworks of various mediums.

We therefore undertake restoration operations not only to salvage an artwork which may be tampered but also in order to give it a protective shield. Work of such delicacy is entrusted to our high skilled restoration team, so you can be at complete peace of mind when your possession is in our care.


The research and investigation done by our team tap into all impactful aspects of a piece of art, ranging from canvas to paper or artifacts such as rare pens & exquisite timepieces. Once the condition and authenticity is identified, its value is determined. Through the course of our journey we have horned our skills, combined with a structurally sound and real time process, we conduct an in depth analysis of the artwork or collectible before determining its value.

Various parameters such as provenance, medium, period, subject, whether the artwork has been published and the overall condition, influence the value of the art work or collectibles. Since it is a niche market the advice and inputs from market experts are imperative to ascertain the true value of the creation.