Jewellery & Silver

The market for jewellery, be it modern or vintage, remains resilient and the key to buying well is quality and condition. Sourced and selected only from the very best, the pieces chosen by AstaGuru pass the mark of quality control seamlessly. Be it Royal Heirlooms, modern or avant-garde, the selections range between styles like Jadau, Jade, South Sea Pearls and Marquise diamonds.

Along with Jewellery, AstaGuru has put together auctions that include hallmark silver pieces from all across the world. Silverware has been around for centuries and was always associated with the more aristocratic parts of a society. There were a few makers that are recognized till today by their signature hallmarked symbols on the silverware. At AstaGuru silverware that has been auctioned include an engraved silver Kutch scroll, a hallmarked Birmingham Silver 3 piece tea set in silver both from the 18th century.

The GST on all sales under this segment is charged at 3%.

For further details, please contact:

Jay Sagar
Jay Sagar