Furniture & Decorative Art

Furniture as a concept ranges between the necessary and the exquisite.There are different types of furniture, especially the rare kind that can be regarded as valuable and are true collector items. In our auctions we’ve included pieces that fall in this category like a French Louis XV-style Kingwood and Tulipwood Veneered Table, Oriental Cupboards and hand carved Chinese Camphor chests.

A piece of art that is added to a setting so as to further the beauty of a locale can be either functional or purely decorational. This description falls under the segment of interior design. The provenance and make of the piece varies in its worth depending on these details.

At AstaGuru, we’ve held auctions within this versatile category which includes pieces like porcelain Fish Bowls, Japanese Satsuma Moriage Vases and vintage Ink Pots.

The GST on all sales under this segment is charged at 18%.

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Sneha Gautam
Sneha Gautam
Vice President